1. Integrity
    Conduct our business with the highest level of integrity with our customers, our subcontractors, and ourselves.

  2. Relationships
    Create partner relationships with our customers that enable them to meet their performance goals.

  3. Execution
    Manage projects in a way that result in successful performance by our subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants.

  4. Work Environment
    Create a working environment that bolsters self-confidence, provides opportunity for a positive learning experience, instills enthusiasm, trust, and results in exceptionally high performance.

  5. Open Door Policy
    Provide a structure that encourages the free exchange of information between all levels of the Company so that each employee contributes to and takes pride in the operation of the Company.

  6. Stretch” Goals
    Consistently set “stretch” goals that result in extraordinary growth in both personal development and business excellence.

  7. Leadership
    Inspire others to want to achieve the goals and objectives of the Company.

  8. Safety
    Strive for a safe work environment that results in no accidents, and never compromise safety for job speed or profit.

  9. Community Service
    Give back to the community through financial support and encourage volunteerism in community service organizations and programs.

  10. Assure that all employees truly endorse and practice the Company’s Core Values.